EU Progress report likely to be in November as Turkey continues terror-related probes against journalists…

A progress report on Turkey by the European Commission, which was postponed for the first time ever, is likely to be published in November, EU sources have told Hürriyet Daily News.

Kurds Need More Than Arms

Treating Syria’s Kurds purely as military allies could inflame the region. – Oct 20, 11:55 AM

(Istanbul) – The decision to investigate one of Turkey ‘s most prominent human rights lawyers for “terrorist propaganda” demonstrates the sorry state of freedom of expression and the deeply flawed criminal justice system in

The Vienna-based International Press Institute (IPI) urged Turkey to end all criminal cases and investigations against journalists on terrorism-related charges in a written statement on Oct. 20
Turkey is bracing for a fresh influx of Syrian refugees due to recent clashes in the country, with Turkish security sources expecting some 50,000 Syrian refugees to enter the country from its southern borders

Three weeks before snap elections an attack on a peace rally in Ankara that claimed at least 97 lives has escalated the political crisis in Turkey. Some commentators suspect a conspiracy by the ruling AK Party aimed at securing an absolute majority in the election. Others hold Europe partially responsible for the political chaos in Turkey.

Justice for Suruç Platform remarking that there still hasn’t been any progress in the third month of the Suruç massacre states that effective investigation could have prevented Ankara Massacre.
Ankara’s Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office has said that nine supects possibly linked to the attack and who are alleged to be members of ISIL were on the run due to the media outlet’s news about the potential bombers
Elle Magazine shared a video depicting how women’s equality is in a bad situation, bianet compiled news from the world and Turkey about representing women.

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