Eurosphere agenda: “INFOGRAPHIC: Coding at school — How do EU countries compare?

SPECIAL REPORT / Digital competences and ICT skills are seen as key for young people to integrate in the job market. Jobseekers will have a harder time finding work without them.

Experimenting with citizens’ assemblies in the UK

Two experimental citizens’ assemblies in Sheffield and Southampton, starting this month, show the way forward for debating constitutional change across the UK.

Stabbed German candidate elected mayor

A German politician who was stabbed in the neck while campaigning in the city of Cologne on Saturday is elected mayor of the city.

I’ve seen its lights blinking there, out across the north runway beyond Schönefeld. I have even run along its south runway in the Airport Night Run. But today I finally set foot in the as yet unopened Berlin Brandenburg Airport.

The legal acts have no immediate effect but cement a process that began with a deal reached in July to end sanctions against Iran in exchange for curbs on a programme that the West suspected was aimed at developing a nuclear bomb.


VIDEO: Slovenia struggles with migrant numbers

Slovenia has warned that it can’t accept an unlimited number of migrants and says it will allow 2,500 migrants to cross its borders daily.

The EU and Turkey have agreed on an action plan for reducing the number of refugees arriving in the EU. Ankara is to improve its border control measures and in return the country will be declared a safe country of origin. The deal is a farce in view of all the human rights violations committed in Turkey, some commentators argue. Others lament that a common asylum policy is still a distant goal for the EU.

Why is a refugee someone fleeing from war? Why not someone fleeing from hopeless poverty?

A road to the Libyan coast. Wikimedia/Koperczak. Public domain.Raisa Abdul Azim was eight months old and Aylan Kurdi was three when their families boarded unseaworthy boats within days of each other, seeking a future for their children in Europe. In their uprooted lives, and in their tragic, heart-breaking deaths at sea, they were very similar. But Raisa was the daughter of Bangladeshi migrant workers in Libya, while Aylan was the son of Syrian refugees in Turkey. We are told that these are fundamentally different kinds of people.

VIDEO: Escape from Syria: 7,000 miles in 23 days

Asylum seeker Bilal, 20, from Aleppo in Syria, describes his journey from his native country, travelling 7,000 miles in 23 days.
Turkey has called the ruling “an important turning point, as it provides a reply to the exploitation of history and law for political motives.”

Genocide denier ‘had rights infringed’

The European Court of Human Rights rules that a Turkish politician should not have been prosecuted for denying the killing of Armenians was a genocide.

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