Eurosphere agenda: ECHR says Swiss wrong to prosecute Turkish politician Armenian genocide denier, SOME TURKISH NATIONALISTS CLAIM THIS MEANS THERE WAS NO GENOCIDE, ass*oles as usual…

Swiss wrong to prosecute politician for denying Armenian genocide, court rules

European court of human rights said prosecution of Turkish politician Doğu Perinçek an infringement of his right to free speech

Thousands of migrants enter Slovenia

Thousands of weary migrants aiming to reach Western Europe cross into Slovenia from Croatia after Hungary closed another of its borders.
Homage to Belgrade: reflections on the 2015 Transeuropa festival

Unlike most British people, it seemed that continental Europeans considered the UK to be not just in Europe, but a fairly significant player. Who knew?

Cyprus surrenders its Turkey veto to Greece

Greece will hold Cyprus’s “Turkish veto” in tomorrow’s (15 October) EU Council summit, which will focus on possible EU concessions towards Ankara, as the President of Cyprus will skip the meeting.


In pictures: Roma slums in Eastern Europe

Precarious lives of Roma in East European slums

Orbán, Seehofer and the anti-immigration link

Why are the leaders of Hungary and Bavaria meeting up for talks in a German monastery?

“Kloster Banz Luftbild” by Presse03 – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.“We should only be pleased to see so many people wanting to come to Germany: it validates what a great country it is,” commented Detlef Esslinger in Munich’s Süddeutsche Zeitung. A well-meaning remark, in line with prime minister Angel Merkel’s welcoming attitude of late (though she wasn’t always like this).

Gérard Wormser: Urgent Call for European Cosmopolitism

Beyond withdrawal and asylum – an urgent call for European cosmopolitism.
By Gérard Wormser

Europe’s conservatism and nationalist fallback has ended up in begetting its oposite. Will the Syrian refugees’ exodus result in the policy shift that is necessary lest Europe becomes against its own will the last resort of persecuted populations? Now, billions of Euros are going to be spend in emergency relief, belatedly vindicating those who denounced for long time our policies’ excessive insistence on strengthening immigration controls at the Schengen borders. It had become unavoidable that a discourse emphasizing at the same time the democratization of the regions adjacent to the European Union and our inability to influence on the Syrian situation, this together with our de facto blockading threatened populations into an endless Lybian or Turkish exile, would explode on account of its own contradictions.


Dublin is over: the rise of Europe’s new migrant prisons

By getting the UNHCR and Frontex to more directly intervene in the first moments of arrival with identification and fingerprinting, the EU is attempting to retake control of movement throughout Europe.

Eritreans land in Lampedusa, July 2015.Eritreans land in Lampedusa, July 2015. Demotix/Carmine Orlando.All rights reserved.At a meeting in Brussels on Wednesday, Angela Merkel declared that the Dublin Agreement is over.


Sharing the burden of the refugee crisis is not just about relocating refugees, says Ivailo Kalfin, Deputy Prime Minister of Bulgaria.

Norway sees ‘political risk’ over future European gas demand

Norway meets about 20% of the EU’s gas needs, and is the main supplier to its members in Western Europe, transporting gas from its offshore fields via subsea pipelines and by tankers from Europe’s only liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant in the Arctic Circle.


Cyprus: oasis of peace in a sea of instablity

This is an excerpt from the regular briefing for the Friends of Cyprus in the UK .

Cyprus from space.Cyprus from space. Wikicommons/ Nasa image. Public domain. Some rights reserved.We cannot think about Cyprus without recognising the role that Turkey plays, the 1 November rerun general elections, and without remembering all those hurt and killed in the bombing of the peace rally outside the main station in Ankara on Saturday. Apparently the bombs were aimed at the HDP and the Kurdish block in the demonstration. It was a day before a ceasefire was expected to strengthen the democratic forces in Turkey. People trying to help were attacked by police as if they and not the bombers themselves were the enemy. But see here. 

SPECIAL REPORT / Most jobs today require some digital and ICT skills. Jobseekers will have a harder time finding work without them.

15 months after the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, the cause has been determined: the plane was shot down with a Russian Buk missile. This findings was announced along with the presentation of the report by the Dutch Safety Board on Tuesday. The blame clearly lies with the Kremlin, some commentators write. Others fault the airline for the crash.

Migrant stories: The pull of Europe

Five new arrivals in Greece tell their stories

Can Corbyn’s radicalism extend to criminal justice policy?

Corbyn’s focus on protecting victims of national insecurity may be a means of leading criminal justice policy in a more progressive direction.

Flickr/ Ray Forster. Some rights reserved.If the Labour Party is indeed now a ‘threat to our national security’ and to ‘your family’s security’, as David Camerontweeted following Jeremy Corbyn’s election to the party leadership last month, we would expect a complete reversal of the tough stance towards criminal justiceissues that characterised the New Labour years and beyond. Yet, there is much to suggest that a considerable degree of continuity may mark Labour’s policy under Corbyn.

The European Union’s only superhero Captain Europe shares his thoughts on Grexit, Brexit and the refugee crisis. In an exclusive interview with, he also gives us a glimpse of the mysterious man behind the mask…

EU federalism and the German Question

The primary problem in the EU is not German power, but the cross-border prevalence of the peculiar brand of euro-neoliberalism.

Map of Europe in 1914. Wikimedia commons. Public domain.Thomas Fazi is a fellow leftist who, in my understanding, engages in constructive criticism of the European Union, especially as concerns the specificities of the euro’s framework for economic governance. By “constructive criticism” I refer to the kind of analysis that sheds light on design flaws that: (a) decisively prevent the conduct of rational economic policy in line with evolving needs and circumstances, and (b) hamper any effort to make the EU qua political space function as a genuine [federal] republic.


The failure of mainstream European federalism

Simply stating over and over again that something – in this case a European democratic federation – is possible and desirable does not make it more likely.

Jens Weidmann, President of Deutsche Bundesbank speaks on Rebalancing Europe, 2012.Jens Weidmann, President of Deutsche Bundesbank speaks on Rebalancing Europe, 2012. Wikicommons/Magnus Manske. Some rights reserved.In a recent paper, Guido Montani – professor of international political economy at the University of Pavia and former secretary general and president of the European Federalist Movement – takes a look at the recent clash between Greece and its creditors, and what this means for the future of European integration and of the monetary union (EMU) in particular.


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