Just read the Amnesty report: I believe Amnesty’s unsubstantiated political correctness make AI a prey for anti-Kurdish lobbies…

The report here

The unfortunate report by Amnesty accused Syria Kurdish forces of “war crimes”

The “documented cases” are at best violations in a heavy fight against IS but not war crimes. A previous widely circulated accusation was explicitly based on pro-IS sources. This report seems to be better produced but it is in the same line of black propaganad. Statements of some villagers who might be affiliated with anti-Kurdish and anti-Asad forces or some satellite imagery that might mean nothing in a state of civil war are used as main evidence.


Syria Kurds denounce Amnesty ‘war crimes’ report

Yahoo News5 hours ago
Beirut (AFP) – Syria’s Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) denounced rights group Amnesty International for accusing its fighters of war

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