Galata Bridge, Istanbul, in the 1960s… Istanbul News roundup…

The Kurbağalıdere stream, located in Istanbul’s Kadıköy, flooded due to heavy rainfall on Sept. 12, blocking a number of roads to traffic and paralyzing daily life nearby
Produced by Italian David Zard, Shakespeare’s best-known love story, “Romeo and Juliet” will be on Istanbul stage once again between Nov 3 and 8 at the Zorlu Center PSM. The work will be performed in Italian with Turkish surtitles.
The Goethe-Institut Istanbul is set to host one of the most important figures in German cinema, director Christian Petzold.

From Walter White’s meth-cooking café in Istanbul to Batman burgers in Malaysia: The world’s

No meth is actually cooked, but if you like your coffee served in a chemical beaker, Walter’s Coffee Roastery, in Istanbul, is your kind of place. The cafe .

London Fashion Week: Bora Aksu’s Istanbul-inspired collection

Turkish designer Bora Aksu’s signature ethereal silhouettes and intricate detailing were evident in his spring/summer 2016 collection, which he says .

The Living Istanbul Museum

Cities are on the rise. More than half of world’s population now lives in cites. Take Istanbul – a city that grew from two million inhabitants in 1970 to an

Historical peninsula now a venue of prostitution

The historical peninsula, the heartland of İstanbul which hosts a number of historical places, including Topkapı Palace, the Sultanahmet, Fatih, Beyazıt .

Civil society groups call for Kanal İstanbul transparency

Civil society groups called for transparency regarding the Kanal İstanbul megaproject during a C20 summit held in İstanbul on Tuesday and .
Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport was declared the airport with the most new long-haul routes at the Euro Annies 2015 Awards, the airport’s operator, TAV Airports, said in a written statement on Sept. 15.

Aztecs abroad in Istanbul

Editor’s Note: This story introduces a series of reports from our correspondent studying in Istanbul, Turkey, an eclectic city on the border of the world’s .

Countdown starts for Istanbul’s Filmekimi

The 14th annual Filmekimi will kick off in Istanbul on Oct 3. After the nine day festival, it will tour various Turkish cities until the end of the month

Review: Making Connections at Istanbul’s Biennial

ISTANBUL — Three years ago, the American-Italian curator Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev garnered ecstatic reviews for her edition of Documenta, the

An Artist Put Infinity in a Room in Istanbul

Representing the infinite is, in its very nature, problematic. But that hasn’t stopped it from making an appearance in art, time and again. LA-based

Police remove posters at İstanbul University that ‘insult’ Erdoğan

Posters put up on the campus of İstanbul University by the youth wing of the Workers’ Movement Party (EHP) were taken down by police officers on .

A few days outside Istanbul

We are lucky enough to to have 7 nights in Turkey starting with a couple of days in Istanbul where we intend to see some selected sites. After the busy

A celebrated İstanbul painter whose name remains largely unknown

In the 19th century, İstanbul, like many other Oriental cities, had become a major destination for Western artists and scholars. The Orient, back then,

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