From Turkey with love: religious symbols at yoga centers are BANNED, now our faith will be protected…

Having Buddha sculptures and mantra symbols as well as the playing of religious music and burning of incense can now be considered violations which lead to the closure of yoga centers in Turkey
At least 1,138 workers have died in the first eight months of 2015, according to a monthly report recently released by a non-governmental organization dealing with worker health and safety issues, with at least 158 worker deaths in August alone.

In Photos: Top 10 Fish Restaurants in Turkey

In honor of the fish season kicking off and fresh fish starting to regain their places on lunch and dinner tables, the doyens of cuisine, Vedat Milor and Mehmet Yaşin, have picked out their favorite fish restaurants in Turkey.

call-solidarity-refugees-durdeThe number of Syrians who took refuge in Turkey has exceeded 2 million. Syrian refugees are not only fleeing from a terrible war, but they are also fleeing from the air attacks of the Assad dictatorship, massacres of the ISIS, executions, rapes and hunger. The refugees seeking refuge in Turkey are not given refugee status defined by the international conventions. They are forced to remain in the country without having some basic human rights; as well as they are increasingly exposed to the nasty racist attacks.

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