Anger at Soldier funerals turning not only to PKK but to AKP representatives… And a social fabric roundup…

This is one a few other protest that occurred recently….


Pro-gov’t businessman censors own remarks on ‘Erdoğan love’

A pro-AKP media tycoon has succeeded in his unusual lawsuit, with a court ruling to block reports on 50 news websites quoting his reflections on the ‘divine love’ between himself and President Erdoğan
Summer time is the time for confusion in movie theaters. Among the Hollywood blockbusters and anticipated indie films finally finding release dates after months are the low-budget, low-key Turkish films
The number of Syrian refugees in 10 cities across Turkey now rivals the population of local residents and even outnumbers it in one city, a senior Turkish official has told the Hürriyet Daily News

Iconic Turkish folk singer Selda Bağcan reflects on art and politics

What has happened to Fazıl Say and Orhan Pamuk is enough to break one’s heart. If I were to come face to face with censorship I would never bow
The List of World’s 57 Largest Book Publishers has been released. 27 book publishers from 20 countries are in the list while Turkey isn’t. President of Turkish Publishers Association: “We have publishers may enter the list not necessarily from the top.”
Two volunteers standing guard to prevent the demolition of an Armenian orphanage publicly known as “Kamp Armen” have been attacked by unidentified men on the 100th day of the peaceful protest in Istanbul’s Tuzla district
A commemoration ceremony was performed on 16th anniversary of August 17, 1999 Marmara Earthquake. Chamber of Architects İstanbul Branch Chairperson Cemal Gökçe drew attention that İstanbul wasn’t more ready for an earthquake than 1999.

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