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Large US-based internet firms such as Cisco, Google and Amazon will be subject to a new EU cybersecurity law forcing them to adopt tough security measures and possibly report serious breaches to national authorities, according to a document seen by Reuters.

A new bailout should be agreed by late August, Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and French President François Hollande said on Thursday (6 August). Greece is in negotiations with the European Union and International Monetary Fund for as much as €86 billion in fresh loans to stave off financial ruin and economic collapse.

Andrzej Duda of the national conservative PiS was sworn in as Poland’s new president in the Sejm on Thursday. Some commentators fear a shift to the right while others believe Duda will surprise his detractors with a strong presidency.


Hungary’s refugee policy: fencing off the country

The rapidly increasing influx of asylum-seekers poses a huge challenge to Hungary. The government responds with a complete lack of solidarity, massive demagoguery and arm-twisting in Brussels.

Fence Hungarian government is building on Hungary-Serbia border.



The Syriza problem: radical democracy and left governmentality in Greece

Syriza’s extraordinary problem – which would not be faced by any other political party in government – was to alter internal institutional frameworks under conditions of external institutional assault.

Congress of Syriza for the Greek election campaign, January 2015.Congress of Syriza for the Greek election campaign, January 2015. Demotix/Kostis Ntantamis. All rights reserved.Although the history of the Left has produced an extraordinary theoretical legacy, which continues to be the nucleus of almost all radical thinking, it has nonetheless left a trail of extraordinary failures in practice.

Reykjavik turns street into rainbow

Reykjavik’s central street is painted in rainbow colours as its Gay Pride event begins.
Hungary’s race to erect fence to keep out migrants

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