‘Breaking Bad’-themed café in Istanbul and more news from İstanbul…

Its owners say they opened the world’s first café to be inspired by the hit TV show ‘Breaking Bad’ in Istanbul’s Asian side.
Economist Daron Acemoğlu, who is a Turkish economist of Armenian descent living in the U.S., has topped the most influential economists list of the Research Papers in Economics (RePEc) for his last 10 years’ of publications.
Turkey’s Council of State has annulled a former ruling of an Istanbul administrative court which barred reconstruction projects in Istanbul’s Beyoğlu district, providing the legal ground for projects such as a plan to construct a mosque, shopping mall and multi-story building in the historical neighborhood

Istanbul’s IKSV festivals record 224,000 visitors in the first seven months – ARTS

The Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) announced that its events for the first half of 2015- the Istanbul Film, Music and Jazz Festivals-
Istanbul tantalizes with its mix of cultures

The iconic Galata Tower stands tall, right, in Istanbul’s skyline. The former seat of the opulent Byzantine and Ottoman empires is divided into European
Number of business congresses rises 280 pct in Istanbul

The number of business congresses held in Istanbul increased 280 in the past decade, creating around $190 million income, according to the head of
Istanbul Convention: Britain drags its feet over women’s rights

Albania, Andorra, Malta, Serbia and Turkey are among the 18 states that have already ratified the Istanbul Convention. But the UK is still assessing
Historic Istanbul home of Russian revolutionary Trotsky up for sale

The Istanbul home of Leon Trotsky, the top Bolshevik politician who lost to Stalin in the struggle for control of the Soviet Union, is up for sale.
The Indulge top 10: Istanbul

It is also slap bang in the middle of Istanbul and very easy to get to. If you are spending a few days in the city, and this is your first time, buy a museum

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