Official death toll rises to 27 in #Suruç #SuruçtaKatliamVar

Just before the explosion…
After explosion:
 Media preview

It’s stated that many people died or were injured due to bombing attack in Southeast of Turkey. Explosion occurred during the press statement of Socialists Youth before going Kobani.


Explosion hits Turkish town near Syrian border

Local politician says at least 10 dead in blast at cultural centre in Suruç, 10km from Kobani

An explosion has hit a cultural centre in the mostly Kurdish south-eastern Turkish town of Suruç near the Syrian border. More than 20 people were killed, eyewitnesses told Reuters.

An explosion has killed at least 10 in a municipal culture center in the southeastern province of Şanlıurfa’s Suruç district, as scores of people have been hospitalized.

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