Cyberculture agenda: Parents are comin’ Pew research shows parents mostly on Facebook and Pinterest…

Most of the fevered talk about Reddit’s new content rules has focused on its half-hearted burying of offensive material.

Art from New Media Rights writes, “We spend our time working with online video creators on fair use, so we created The Fair Use App. We filtered down our experiences working with video creators to create an app that can help them better understand:”


Pew Report Shows Parents Most Active on Facebook, Pinterest

In the latest Pew Research report, analysts have looked at how parents use social media channels, providing a wide range of insights into what platforms they use, how they use them and who they’re connecting with. The report provides some great data on how social channels are being utilized by parents, insights that can help marketers better understand and focus their advertising efforts to this demographic set.


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Google’s losing streak is over


What went wrong at Reddit?

redditalienSarah Jeong reports on


Ellen Pao: the trolls are winning

Former Reddit CEO Ellen Pao wrote in an op-ed for the  ‘Washington Post’ that free speech has given way to letting users silence others with hateful speech. The trolls are winning Reddit: This isn’t an easy problem to solve.
chelseaWe’re proud to announce a major new crowd-funding campaign in support of whistleblower Chelsea Manning to help pay for her important legal appeal.Chelsea is currently in the process challenging of her unjust Espionage Act conviction and draconian 35-year jail sentence at the Army Court of Appeals.
This is the point where you can stop pretending you’ve never heard of Pornhub. It’s the Facebook of the adult world, ubiquitous and all-conquering. Its brands deliver epic Web traffic, claiming 60 million unique users a day. Note: From here on, all links in this post should be considered NSFW.  Emilia Clarke warns: Here be porny dragons…

FBI busts hacker nest dedicated to Android and Facebook exploits


The FBI has announced the shutdown of what it calls “a major computer hacker forum” that went by the name of Darkode

redditalienReddit’s army of seething adolescents found a target for their anger in the form of Ellen Pao, the site’s caretaker CEO and the presumed feminist fascist monsterwho presided over the censorship of r/fatpeoplehate and other bastions of free speech.

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