Cyberculture agenda: Dictators’ favorite surveillance company hacked, Turkey files also exposed!

Here is the link to Turkey related files.

Turkish Police forces paid 150 K, Here is the invoice

“Hacking Team” is a badly-named security contractor that helps governments spy on activists and journalists. It got hacked, badly, and more than 400GB of its data is now public.

Whether you’re tired of hearing newfangled phrases in discussions about tech or are still recovering from Post Silicon Valley Move Stress Disorder , there’s now a ready reckoner to sort you out.

Russia took a major step toward introducing its own “right to be forgotten” today, as the parliament’s lower house passed the final draft of legislation that would make it possible for individuals to force Internet search engines to delete links to certain kinds of information about them. Once the Federation Council passes this bill, it goes to President Vladimir Putin, who is expected to sign it.

President’s office says WikiLeaks founder did not face “immediate danger”, in response to Assange’s request for asylum.

popcorntBranded a “Netflix for Pirates,” the Popcorn Time app quickly gathered a user base of millions of people over the past year.

Sqor Sports has announced the release of its newest iOS app, Iconify, which gives users the ability to create sports-related images that can be shared with friends on the Sqor Sports platform or social media.

The base Iconify library contains elements for creating customized sports trophies, as well as a few general photo accessory pieces like colorful backgrounds, stars and banners. Additional items are available to purchase in themed packs, or piece-by-piece, from the app’s store, with many of these items moving the focus away from sports trophies and into more general sports-themed image creation.

Reddit considered decentralization

redditalienThe bitcoin blockchain could be used to decentralize media, putting it beyond the control of individual hosts. For example, hitting a website or loading an app would turn you into a peer-to-peer client, a node on the network doing its little part to keep all the other clients talking to each other, rather than being dependent on a central host. Reddit almost did this last year, reports Owen Williams.

There’s a worrying trend towards increased surveillance in Europe, says Amnesty International adviser Tanya O’Carroll.

Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, has been holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London since June 19 2012, but according to Reuters, he’s still making requests for asylum to other countries, with the most recent being France. Unfortunately for Assange, his latest bid for escape from the embassy was declined for various reasons. “France has received the letter from Mr. Assange. An in-depth review shows that in view of the legal and material elements of Mr Assange’s situation, France cannot grant his request,” President Francois Hollande’s office told Reuters in a statement. The statement also noted that while Assange doesn’t present immediate…

redditalienA number of Reddit communities were effectively shut down last night to protest the unexpected departure of staffer Victoria Taylor, an important liaison between Reddit’s employees and its army of volunteer moderators

Reddit Is Revolting

Reddit Is Revolting

The popular site is in turmoil with scores of subreddits effectively shut down to protest the firing of Victoria Taylor.

The way scientific information diffuses through the knowledge economy is changing, and the first evidence from Wikipedia shows how.

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