Turkey’s ambiguous war-mongering over Syria continues while coalition talks will not result before Ramadan ends…

The U.S.’s annual human rights report on Turkey has slammed a series of violations over the past year, focusing particularly on the judiciary, law enforcement agencies, freedom of expression and freedom of assembly
A report adopted by the Council of Europe (CoE) on June 24 says media transparency should be promoted, stressing the importance of freedom of expression and media pluralism for a functioning democracy
As ISIL militants plant mines on the Syrian border facing Turkey, the Turkish military has reinforced its presence on the other side of the barbed wire border amid a fresh political debate between the government and the opposition on taking military action in its neighbor.
Turkey’s Council of State has insisted on its earlier cancelation of expropriations in Istanbul’s controversial Tarlabaşı urban transformation project, in a key ruling that the case’s lawyer says will set an example for similar projects in the future
The Republican People’s Party (CHP) has decided to nominate its Istanbul deputy Şafak Pavey, the first disabled female member elected to Turkish Parliament, as their candidate for the office of deputy parliament speaker
Turkey is ready to take “all measures” to protect its borders and beyond and has concluded the necessary preparations to this end, Turkey’s prime minister has said, disregarding comments that a “lame-duck” government would not be that willing to act militarily
Turkey’s government wants more active military action to support the Free Syrian Army (FSA) against the regime, Kurdish and jihadist forces in Syrian territory, but the military is reluctant to do so, playing for time as the country heads for a new coalition government, official sources told the Hürriyet Daily News
In response to claims that Turkey would be conducting a cross-border military operation in Syria, the Turkish FM said any necessary announcements about the issue would be made after the National Security Council (MGK) meeting
Policy Brief (German Marshall Fund of the United States) June 23, 2015 Galip Dalay * Political identities and proximity on significant policy issues will be decisive in the formation of Turkey’s next government. But this process takes place in a highly polarized context, a perilous feature of Turkey’s politics in recent years. The next government […]
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan keeps on using divisive and discriminatory rhetoric:
Turkey has an authoritarian political culture that lacks cultural mechanisms against authoritarian tendencies, according to a prominent scholar. ‘Therefore a coalition is the best political solution for Turkey,’ says Professor Yılmaz Esmer
Turkey’s election and the Kurdish peace process: what now?

The post-election landscape in Turkey raises new challenges in the search for a lasting settlement of the conflict between Turks and Kurds.

The peace process in relation to Turkey’s Kurdish minority was at the heart of the country’s general elections on 7 June 2015. It will be a leading item for the coalition talks between parties prior to the formation of a new government. In turn that government will have to decide whether to continue talking to Abdullah Öcalan, the imprisoned leader of the Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK) and figurehead for many of Turkey’s Kurds.

The MHP and the HDP deputies will seat closely in parliament as the two parties secured 80 seats alike in the June 7 general elections
Republican People’s Party parliamentary speaker candidate Deniz Baykal paid courtesy visits to leaders of the three other political parties elected to parliament in the June 7 election on June 26, only a few days before the procedure for the parliament speaker’s election kicks off
Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu has vowed that his party will “not be revanchist” in the event of a coalition government with the Justice and Development Party (AKP), as hints rise that negotiations for a “grand coalition” will start in Turkey
An Istanbul court has postponed the trial of 35 members of a Beşiktaş football fan group, çArşı, who are accused of organizing a plot to topple the government during the 2013 Gezi Park protests
A recently published book has revealed tortures and pressures LGBT inmates face in Turkey.

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