Eurosphere agenda: As Greece misses IMF payment deadline, Thousands join crowdfunding campaign to fund bailout… – Jun 30 – Thousands of people have contributed to a crowdfunding campaign to fund the Greek bailout. The campaign, which was started by Thom Feeney, promises contributors rewards such as a ‘Postcard of Alex (sic) Tsipras’, ‘Greek Feta and Olive
Greece misses IMF payment deadline

Greece misses a deadline for a €1.5bn (£1.1bn) payment to the International Monetary Fund, as eurozone ministers refuse to extend its bailout.
The best Internet memes about Greece‘s financial meltdown

European Union leaders may be struggling to reach an agreement that prevents Greece from having a total financial implosion that could unsettle other markets But don’t worry, the Internet, as always, has a solution: crowdfunding. Thom Feeney, an enterprising individual from the UK, launched a crowdfunding campaign called the Greek Bailout Fund on Indiegogo this weekend. “Decided to solve the Greek Debt Crisis via crowdfund,” Feeney boldly declared in a tweet for

Greece’s last-minute overtures to international creditors for financial aid yesterday (30 June) were not enough to save it from becoming the first developed economy to default on a loan with the International Monetary Fund. The situation remains so uncertain that even the Sunday referendum, on whether to accept the aid, hangs in doubt.

Greece to lose €16.3 billion at midnight

Assuming that there is no last-minute deal between Athens and its creditors,Greece will lose €16.3 billion of financing at midnight Washington time today (30 June), EU officials told the press in Brussels. As the chance of a last-minute deal to save Greece from default becomes ever more elusive, EU officials provided ample details about the stakes. Greece, which has received nearly €240 billion in two bailouts from the EU and International Monetary Fund since 2010, is set

The leader of the National Front participated in her first Conference of the Presidents of the European Parliament this Monday (29 June). The meeting was marked by a heated exchange between Marine Le Pen and Juncker. EurActiv France reports.

Phil England interviews Gunnar Grimsson and Robert Bjarnson of the Citizens Foundation, pioneers of an open-source software platform, Your Priorities, which allows citizens to develop ideas to improve their areas and take more control of public spending.

Why I will be voting YES in Sunday’s Greek referendum

I would vote yes as I do not want my objections to the way the crisis has been managed at home and in Brussels to be usurped by politicians that dream that they can give the Union a bloody nose by destroying the Eurozone.

Pro-government rally in Syntagma Square, February 2015.

In an unusual move that underlined frustration with the Greek government, the European Commission published on Sunday (28 June) what it said were the last proposals creditors made to Athens before Greece broke off funding talks. Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker will speak to the press today at noon.


Europe as a republic: the story of Europe in the twenty first century

We all are Europe! Europe is now almost completely integrated in terms of economic and monetary policy. European integration is thus yesterday’s word; tomorrow’s is European democracy. Deutsch. (8,907 words)

This text is an adopted version of my speech at the German fashion lifestyle & web community conference RE:PUBLICA, on May 6, 2015 in Berlin. The speech comes together with a series of images and charts and cannot be understood without. To get the spirit of the presentation in German, there is a YouTube video clip which isavailable here. 

Europe: a new version is available

We are outraged. We see Europe falling apart in front of our very eyes. Europe is in dire need of radical change in social, financial and energy policies and more. Join us.


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