Istanbul, 99th most expensive city [for expats].. İstanbul news roundup…

Istanbul was the 99th most expensive city for expatriates in 2015 out of 207 cities on five continents, according to an annual survey by consultancy firm Mercer
The Mural-Ist Festival, organized by Kadıköy Municipality, brings together a total of 10 mural artists – half of whom made their way from Spain, Russia and the U.S. – with the aim of bringing some more color to Istanbul.
Hundreds of people held an outdoor iftar dinner, “Yeryüzü İftarı,” for a third time onIstanbul’s İstiklal Avenue on June 18, for the first day of Ramadan. It is a kind of religious supper eaten during Ramadan
5 places to go dancing near Taksim, Istanbul

…e solution to making Friday come quicker? Well, dancing. Here are the top 5 places to go dancing in Istanbul‘s Taksim area
Reading specialist Istanbul-bound

Istanbul between East and West: Crossroads of Culture institute aims to provide participants with a better understanding of a city and region that has ..
100th Anniversary of Twenty Martyrs Commemorated inIstanbul

ISTANBUL — Armenians and non-Armenians in Istanbul commemorated the 100th anniversary of the martyrdom of the Social Democrat Hunchakian
Istanbul bookstore caters to Syrian refugees in need of a good read

Arabic- and English-language books are displayed in the new Syrian-run Pages bookstore in Istanbul. Titles in Turkish and French are also available.
Aziz Nesin: A man larger than life remembered in İstanbul

… we have the pleasure of taking in the new exhibition “A Life Overflowing: Aziz Nesin 1915-2015,” which opened on June 10 in Istanbul in celebration
Reader recommendation: Istanbul tour guide Arzu Tuna

We just returned from Istanbul and had Arzu Tuna as our guide. She was great and spoke perfect English. There were six of us, and she had us taking
Istanbul’s Irish foodie secret

I’m taking an Istanbul Food Walk, and this truly is a small world, because one of the guides sitting opposite me is from Donegal. Terre Duffy moved to
Five beaches in Istanbul determined to have high pollution

Istanbul features a total of fifteen beaches spread out over its Asian and … The report by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality states that the most .

Istanbul: City of glittering riches

In 2010, Istanbul was European Capital of Culture. After even a brief visit, you’d be forgiven for thinking that was about 2,000 years overdue. Indeed .
Istanbul’s unspoiled neighborhood: Kuzguncuk

Let me take you to a neighborhood in Istanbul where traditional hospitality is still evident. Franchised supermarkets are not found here. Businesses are
The castles of İstanbul

There is little doubt that Istanbul and its legacy provide the main ingredients for Yahya Kemal’s vision of what constitutes a city, as related to us in his
Serkan Taycan moves İstanbul’s public spheres to Pilot gallery

The exhibition “Agora,” which features artist Serkan Taycan’s photos of İstanbul’smost crowded and well-known squares, is on display until July 4 at

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