A President, A Twitter Troll, An alleged Mafia Leader, a so-called Humanitarian Aid NGO Chair in the same wedding

The groom, Taha Ün, is one the leaders of so-called Ak-trolls, Twitter trolls that vehemently attack AKP opponents. I am just one of the many citizens Taha Ün targeted since Gezi Park protests. The moment Occupy Gezi started, he seized the opportunity to jump up fast in political hierarchies. He was getting married yesterday to a person who is the personal assistant of Emine Erdoğan, Tayyip Erdoğan’s wife.

Check out the attendants:


The guy on the left is Sedat Peker, a convicted criminal leader, on the right Bülent Yıldırım, the head of notarious IHH. You know the one in the middle.

Here is the groom:



Taha Ün recently posted this, just to show the level of incitement he is into:



“The only thing that could communicate with PKK members in a healthy and sustainable manner. Kudos to 90s”

For those who do not understand the symbolism: In 1990’s state-back Islamist Kurdish paramilitaries (so-called Kurdish Hizbullah) attacked PKK members with cleavers and murdered many…

Only one example of his hateful discourse. And Erdoğan is there to witness the wedding….

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