For the record, Turkey’s constitutional court weakened legal civil marriage against religious marriage…

Legal and rights circles slam the verdict that allows couples to be religiously married without a legal civil marriage.
Turkey’s Constitutional Court has legalized the right to be religiously married without obtaining a civil marriage, sparking debate over the decision’s impact on women and children
Ghosts of Gezi Park

Emerging Turkish opposition party might give protesters what they were denied in 2013.
A new ceremonial military brigade, dressed as Ottoman soldiers, will attend celebrations to mark the 562nd anniversary of the Turks’ conquest of Istanbul
Workers went on strike owing to disagreement in labor contract. After the resignations from trade union, production halted in Arçelik LG until the weekend.
An investigation has been launched into a primary school principal who was seen in a video throwing money over students who were successful in a competition
Alexandros Lamprou, the author of a new title on the People’s Houses of the early Turkish Republic, talks to HDN about his book and the limits of social engineering in Turkey
Inside Turkey’s conservative heartland

City booms under Turkey’s Islamist-rooted government

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