From the crazy Turkey: A police protecting Selfie-taking Ottoman statue but his sword also already broken……

Amasya'daki selfie çeken şehzade heykeli polis korumasına alındı
Police have begun to stand guard to protect a much-debated statue of an Ottoman prince taking a selfie with a smart phone in a historic Turkish town
Two men who were detained on suspicion they had vandalized the much-debated statue of a selfie-taking Ottoman prince in northern Turkey have told the police they damaged the statue inadvertently, bearing no political motives.
Statue of selfie-taking prince in Turkey is damaged by vandals

…in two. See also: Violence against women in Turkey: Erdogan takes a surprising stand Authorities in Amasya, a historical town in northern Turkey, were seen wrapping yellow crime scene tape around the statue of Prince Sehzade Mustafa on Monday, which had become both a hit for tourists — appearing often on Instagram and Twitter since it was installed May 9 — and a lightning rod for locals who found it disrespectful. “I find the construction of the statue a meaningless attempt to make fun of
A Turkish man who survived a traffic accident in Ankara took a selfie while injured and lying on the road, daily Vatan reported April 28.

Some mangled mosaics have been causing controversy in Turkey’s southern city of Antakya

Al Jazeera spoke with Turkish newspaper editor Yetvart Danzikyan about the Armenian “genocide” debate.

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