Now that out of favor, Turkey’s top judicial body under government control dismisses 4 from profession

Turkey’s top judicial body has dismissed four prosecutors and one judge from profession, who had taken part in the country’s biggest-ever graft investigations.


President Erdoğan has joined the debate on whether Prime Minister Davutoğlu visited U.S.-based Islamic scholar Gülen with the permission of former President Gül, stating that he personally gave Davutoğlu the go-ahead
Children under 14 will only be permitted to work a maximum of five hours daily in the arts, culture, TV and advertisement sectors, according to a recently passed new law
A columnist of an Islamist newspaper in Turkey, which recently confused The Beatles with Turkish high school students after misunderstanding a protest poster, has said the daily is proud of its ignorance
The mayor of Turkey’s capital has challenged a U.S. State Department spokesperson by referring to a pro-government media report that slammed her as “stupid blonde.”
A local court in the Turkish capital city of Ankara has ruled to release a lawyer who was arrested April 21 for “insulting” President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan during a job interview to become a judge – Stephen Kinzer – May 9 – Gen. Kenan Evren, who led a military coup in Turkey and then imposed the harshest repression in his country’s history, leading to his trial and conviction more than 30 years later, died on Saturday at 97. By the time of the coup, on Sept. 12, 1980…
Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has said he met with Fethullah Gülen in person in 2013 in the United States to urge him to stop conspiring against his government and to return to Turkey, in a last call to the self-exiled Islamic scholar
Turkey’s top judge has urged political leaders to protect the principle of separation of powers and to be careful of letting these powers go beyond their limits, in an indirect reference to the government’s efforts to renew the constitution and adopt a presidential system

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