Bangladesh, a hell for freethinkers. “Ananta Bijoy Das Becomes Third Free-Thinking Blogger Killed This Year… Cyberculture agenda…

Ananta Bijoy Das. Image from his Facebook page

Ananta Bijoy Das. Image courtesy his Facebook page

It’s a sad day for online activists in Bangladesh. On Tuesday morning, science writer and blogger Ananta Bijoy Das was murdered by a group three or four masked people wielding machetes in Sylhet, Bangladesh’s fifth largest city.

Third atheist blogger hacked to death in Bangladesh

Another secular blogger has been hacked to death in northeastern Bangladesh. Ananta Bijoy Das, who had received threats from extremists, was attacked by a masked gang in the city of Sylhet, according to reports. It’s the third attack of its kind since the start of the year. See also: Another blogger has been hacked to death in Bangladesh Das wrote for Mukto-Mona, a website that was once moderated by another blogger Abijit Roy, an American of Bangladeshi origin, who was kil

The debate over the NSA’s bulk collection of phone records has reached a critical point after a federal appeals court last week ruled the practice illegal, dramatically raising the stakes for pending Congressional legislation that would fully or partially reinstate the program. An army of pundits promptly took to television screens, with many of them brushing off concerns about the surveillance.


I’m at the wonderful Re:publica conference for a single day, racing home to teach tomorrow… and thus far I’ve given a keynote and done over 12 interviews, so I haven’t gotten the whole feel of the conference yet. Still, it’s one of the most wonderful and high energy venues I’ve ever spoken at, and I’m having a great time.


Following the brief display of an Edward Snowden statue in Fort Greene, Brooklyn last month, a new Snowden statue has popped up in Berlin

This Amazing Collection of Historical Maps Just Got Easier to See

It just got way, way easier to search and browse the US Geological Survey’s collection of historical topographic maps, thanks to a new online map viewer.

grooveshark logo
Before Spotify, there was Grooveshark – and today, the latter is no more after the company posted a notice and apology letter on its homepage.
10 Israeli startups to watch in 2015

Dennis Mitzner lives in Tel Aviv where he does content strategy, writes about start-ups, technology trends and politics. You can find him on Twitter. The Israeli start-up scene is saturated with newcomers fighting for a spot in the limelight. The following 10 companies have passed some key hurdles and challenges that make them an interesting watch for investors and consumers around the world.
Iceland offers ‘human search engine’

Iceland launches a “human search engine” staffed by seven people called Gudmundur.

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