Washington is confused with Turkey, Saudi pact, so do we.

nytimes.com – Ben Hubbard – May 4 – AKCAKALE, Turkey — The laborers work all day, piling bags of fertilizer onto carts and wheeling them through the crossing that connects this southern border town to Syria. The Syrian town next door is firmly controlled by the extremists of…
Reports that “‘the Saudis and Turks working together in some way that is not supported by Washington’ are confusing,” German Marshall Fund President Karen Donfried has said in an interview with Hürriyet.
Turkey said on April 24 that it rejected and condemned Russian President Vladimir Putin calling the 1915 mass killings of Ottoman Armenians a ‘genocide’
Q&A: Survivor recalls 1915 tragedy
On the 100th anniversary of the Armenian massacre, survivor Antranig Matevosyan spoke with Al Jazeera about his ordeal.

Aleppo January 1920: Armenian refugees at the American Relief eye hospital, photo by University of Michigan Expedition, George R. Swain, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Public domain.

Turkey and the Armenian genocide: the next century

For the Armenian diaspora, today is Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day—but not in Turkey. Perhaps members of the country’s Kurdish minority can help shake up a polarised narrative.

Dark heritage: a derelict Armenian church in Diyarbakir. All photos courtesy of the author.

A total of 239 migrants were captured in Turkey’s western provinces over the weekend, including a number of migrants rescued from sunken inflatable boats in the Aegean Sea
Skeletons in the Turkish closet: remembering the Armenian Genocide

Just like the skeletons that were discovered in Diyarbakır in 2012 nearly 100 years after they were buried, Turkey’s past is haunting its future and demanding that we remember the tragic events of the Armenian Genocide.

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