#WPFD2015 In World Press Freedom Day, dark clouds over journalism all over the world… Turkey’s one of the prominent…

Turkish authorities have launched a probe into a policeman who was filmed while punching a journalist during a demonstration
Press freedom: the dark cloud gathering over Europe

Today is a day to celebrate free media expression—except for those journalists, even in Europe, denied the capacity to do so.

The pen must be mightier: standing up for press freedom after the murderous assault on the staff at Charlie Hebdo. Flickr / Valentina Calá. Some rights reserved.

At a roll call at the TOBB general assembly, even Turkey’s economy tsar has not raised his hand to say that the country’s media is indeed free
platform24.org – P24 was called upon two weeks ago to the Greens/EFA and Liberals Group (ALDE) of the European Parliament to describe the deterioration of press freedom in Turkey. It found itself preaching to the converted. The whole gamut of abuse is common…
Google extends olive branch to European newspapers with €150 million fund

…le is investing €150 million ($163 million) in a new fund to support newspaper publishers and other journalism organisations in Europe. See also: Google News to shut down in Spain over ‘Google Tax’ The move comes less than two weeks after the European Commission accused Google of abusing its dominant position in the market by distorting search results in favour of its Google Shopping service. The Commission also opened a separate antitrust investigation into its Android operating system Major ne
Newsonomics: The Guardian is trying to swing Google’s pendulum back to publishers

…r, and I’m worried if the EU takes action that restricts a brand like us from continuing to get our journalism out there,” he says acknowledging The Guardian’s self-interest. “The politics will take one stream, and that’s very much between Google and the EU. What I was keen to do is create another stream, which is intended to promote positive engagements and drive recurring revenue back into publishers.” Miller says he’s been working on the plan for months. Significantly, last fall he hired Goog
Bulgaria’s First Crowdfunding Journalism Project

Bulgaria, a member of the European Union, has a big problem with freedom of the media. The Balkan country is ranked 106 out of 180 countries in the 2015 World Press Freedom Index by Reporters Without Borders. Against this unpleasant background, a new media project was established with the ambitious task of opposing the media empires of local oligarchs and providing an alternative way to access information to the public.

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