Every brick of Turkey collapsing… “Thousands of Turkish police chiefs retired after security bill

A mass retirement of police chiefs has begun following a controversial domestic security bill signed into a law on April 3, with thousands of police chiefs being retired on April 16
TÜİK’s data shows that the number of unemployed persons has risen by 454 thousand between January 2014 and 2015. Youth unemployment rate was announced as 20 percent.
Evaluation Note (TEPAV) N° 201508, April 2015 The Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV) Nilgün Arısan Eralp * Fundamental freedoms in the discourse of the European Union (EU) mean: freedom of expression, freedom of peaceful assembly, freedom of religion, freedom of belief and freedom of association. Naturally these freedoms are of utmost importance for […]
The Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) has called for support for Child Friendly Spaces (CFS), part of a project which aimed to prevent more than 900,000 Syrian children in Turkey from becoming a “lost generation,”

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