European Parliament president visiting Turkey… let’s see what happens :)

Freedom of expression topped the agenda of European Parliament President Martin Schulz’s April 8 visit to Turkey, where he met a number of senior officials.
Policy Brief (German Marshall Fund of the United States) April 1, 2015 Joshua W. Walker & Alison O. Patch * Western leaders must carefully consider new ways and means for including an increasingly distant Turkey into a transatlantic framework. They should prioritize deeper integration of the Turkish economy with Europe and North America through the […]
The future of the Turkish Stream, a gas pipeline project to carry Russian gas, depends on interest shown by the European Union, according to EU Minister Volkan Bozkır.
Erdoğan'la görüşen Hamaney’den ‘gizli eller’ vurgusu
He might have even persuaded Hamanei
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan hosted Saudi Deputy Crown Prince and Interior Minister Prince Mohammad bin Nayef al-Saud at a lengthy meeting hours before departing for an official visit to Tehran on April 7.

The foreign ministers of Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Hungary are due today (7 April) to meet in Budapest to explore their potential participation in Russian plans for the new Turkish Stream pipeline.

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