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David Carr, a New York Times media critic who was known for sharp wit and blunt style and overcame drug addiction to become one of America’s most respected journalists, died Thursday at age 58.
David Carr’s First Big Scoop

David Carr was in his mid-20s when he took his first big step on the path that would eventually lead him to the New York Times. It was 1982.


Slate Remembers David Carr

David Carr, the media reporter and constant ambassador for the New York Times,died Thursday night after collapsing in the newsroom in Manhattan. Carr never worked at Slate and, as far as we can tell, hasn’t written for us since participating in a Breakfast Table in 1999. (It’s mostly lost to CMS evolution, although you can still see his old bio: “David Carr is the editor of the Washington City Paper.”)


The media world was very different in 2002, when David Carr published his first article in The New York Times

The Two Best Pieces of Advice David Carr Ever Gave Me

Over the last decade David Carr poured buckets of advice on me. He counseled me through my first and second book. Helped me find a hidden…

path in The New York Times to become a columnist. But his most salient advice came in the summer of 2011, when my marriage at the time was falling apart. ¶ I had come out to Los Angeles for a month…

The generosity of David Carr

The impression David left on people is indelible. If you met him once, or if you knew him for years, he was someone you could not forget.

The voice, the sly smile, his corny jokes. David was incredibly kind and generous. He was also, as Alexis Madrigal said: “a bad motherfucker.” ¶ I had admired David from afar for years, and I was…

A giant, gone’ – Journalist David Carr, dead at 58

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News of the sudden death of New York Times media critic David Carr reached the journalism community on Thursday night. This is their moving outpouring of love, respect and gratitude that flowed online for hours.

David Carr 1956-2015

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#ChapelHillShooting: A media double standard?

Storified by The Stream on Thursday, February 12th 2015, 6:28 pm

The Stream examines criticism over media coverage following the murders of three Muslim-Americans.
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Editor’s note:, funded in the second ever Knight News Challenge back in 2008, was an early innovator in crowdfunding journalism. Think Kickstarter before Kickstarter. But despite its early start, it seemed to lose momentum, with projects growing fewer in number.

In 2011, it was acquired by American Public Media, which wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. APM did an evaluation that tried to better understand the crowdfunding-for-journalism world in 2015. This, written by APM’s Joellen Easton, is the fruit of that process, which injects numbers and analysis into what sometimes has been an airy discussion.

The rumors began with a single tweet last October: A Twitter user in India posted an image of a Kurdish fighter, Rehana, he claimed had killed more than 100 ISIS fighters.



Canadian Al-Jazeera journalist Mohamed Fahmy was released from an Egyptian prison on Friday, after spending more than a year behind bars on terror-related charges in a case that was denounced as a sham by rights groups and the international community. He was let out pending a retrial.

Reporters Without Borders blames armed groups and governments that use national security excuse to restrict freedoms.
Afiche de los premios Index a la libertad de expresiónIndex’s poster for the Freedom of Expression Awards

The communication platform, Courage for Tamaulipas, and Ecuadorian sketch artist, Xavier “Bonil” Bonilla, were the only Latin Americans nominated at the Index Freedom of Expression Awards, which recognizes organizations and individuals in the fight against censorship.

2014 World Press Freedom Index map by Reporters Without Borders.2014 World Press Freedom Index map by Reporters Without Borders.


There’s a new news app that’s made quite a splash. From headlines like“Timeline Is A Beautiful News App That Makes It Easy To See The History Behind A Story” to being Apple’s best app of January, Timeline’s gotten a warm welcome.

Named Best App of January by the @AppStore! A real team effort.

— Timeline (@Timeline_Now) February 6, 2015

One question that’s been asked a lot since Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post is how involved he is in the newspaper’s evolution. Bezos hasn’t spoken in much detail about the subject. (One of his relatively few public comments about his ownership starts at 42:45 of this Business Insider video.) Media references to the Post’s real successes of the past year sometimes seem to give credit to his magical touch — but how engaged is he, really, given that other pretty big company he owns?


Tablet magazine announced in a blog post yesterday that they’ll be taking an unusual step to deal with sometimes unruly commenters: charging readers who want to submit — or even view — comments on their site.

Finally someone’s charging for comments, about damn time.

— Susan E. Shepard (@SusanElizabeth) February 9, 2015

Editor Alana Newhouse wrote that the new talk-back charge is aimed at heightening the discourse on the website.


A tribute to Deah Barakat and Yusor and Razan Abu-Salha, by @_mz_coolA tribute to Deah Barakat and Yusor and Razan Abu-Salha, by @_mz_cool

“We’re all one, one culture,” said 21-year-old student Yusor Abu-Salha last year in an interview recorded by the StoryCorps project about growing up in the United States.



Four days after three college students were shot dead in their Chapel Hill, North Carolina, apartment, U.S. President Barack Obama offered his and first lady Michelle Obama’s condolences to the victims’ loved ones, stating, “We are all one American family.”

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