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Italy Launches Largest Ever Pirate Site Blockade



Alongside the United Kingdom, Italy is the most aggressive country in the world when it comes to blocking websites on copyright infringement grounds.


Data-Driven Web Survival Guide



If we’re going to make it through what’s sometimes described as a data-collection apocalypse, owner of websites and apps will have to work together with their users. We’ve put together a short guide of things service and content providers are doing to make data collection easier to swallow. The more companies that adopt practices like these – and the more users take advantage of these practices – the more likely we all are to survive (and hopefully improve) the data-driven web.


Find How Many “Eggs” Follow you on Twitter


When you join Twitter, it sets your profile picture as a colored egg but for people to take you seriously, you replace that egg with your face. This is the first rule of the Twitter book but some users aren’t paying attention. Maybe they are too lazy to change the avatar, maybe they want to stay anonymous or maybe they are bots and fake users created by spammers who “sell” Twitter followers.


2015: The Year of the Learner


2015: The Year of the Learner

Handing every student a tablet or laptop will not magically usher our classrooms into the future. Instead, the future of education will be created by learners themselves. It’s tricky for schools to keep up with the pace of innovation. That’s why the very students and learners who are so plugged in outside the classroom — […]


SocialRank’s Tech Startup Index reveals the social secrets of the world’s most valuable startups





Peerio: Simple Encryption for the Masses



Cybersecurity often appears too dense for the average consumer to understand, which can create a divide between security haves and have nots. In an attempt to address the divide, Nadim Kobeissi — the creator of Cryptocat— has created

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