As Erdoğan challenges EU again, New bill aims to give PM power to shut down websites AND Turkey’s social security institution to sell citizens’ information with draft bill…

‘We are testing Europe. Will Europe be able to digest and to accept Turkey, whose people are Muslims?,” Erdoğan has said, claiming that dominant powers and the EU ‘strike at Muslims.’ In Djibouti, Erdoğan also vowed to visit Somalia on Sunday despite the recent bombing.
The Justice Ministry has described the killing of the 34 villagers by a Turkish military airstrike in 2011 in Şırnak as a ‘mistake’
Turkey’s ruling AKP deputies have presented yet another bill to boost the government’s control over Internet. Last minute amendments to an omnibus bill stipulate that Turkish PM and his ministers will be able to shut down websites for reasons including “national security” without a court order.
Yön Gazetesi, a newspaper published in Turkish in the province populated by a majority of Kurds, has been the subject of nearly 40 lawsuits since it was founded 25 months ago
Two law professors in Turkey have written to Twitter asking the social network to cease blocking accounts in the country because it violates human rights. Yaman Akdeniz and Kerem Altıparmak said that if Twitter continues to block accounts, the pair will “take all possible forms of legal action in both Turkey and the United States”. In March 2014, Turkish authorities blocked access to Twitter.
A new regulation will pave the way for the sale to private companies of citizens’ personal information gathered at Turkey’s Social Security Institution (SGK).
MUSTAFA AKYOL > The ever-reinterpreted Hrant Dink murder
Hurriyet Daily News
That is why, in subsequent years, the Dink murder became one of the much-quoted references for the “Ergenekon” case. Accordingly, there was a heinous secularist-nationalist cabal called “Ergenekon” that had organized almost every evil in recent Turkish …

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