Eurosphere agenda: “RWB condemns presence of ‘predators’ in Paris march

Reporters Without BordersJan 11 – Reporters Without Borders welcomes the participation of many foreign leaders in today‘s march in Paris in homage to the victims of last week’s terror attacks and in defence of the French republic’s values, but is outraged by the presence of…

More than 1 million people attended a unity rally in Paris on Sunday, following a string of deadly attacks last week that left 20 dead and the city in mourning.

Shrinking economies, growing expulsions. We need Greece’s Syriza. (Part Two)

What takes extreme forms in some countries, including Greece, is actually taking place in milder ways in many developed countries considered to have recovered from the crisis–from the US to the Netherlands. See part one here.

See part one here.


Kyiv, Ukraine. 6th December 2014 — The battalion came to honor the memory of those killed during clashes with police. On the pavement the form of the oil lamps is the Emblem of Ukraine. — Kyiv residents welcomed the 12th Territorial Defense Battalion “Kiev”, who returned on rotation from the zone of the fighting with the pro-Russian separatist operations in the Donbas. Soldiers and residents paid respect to those who lost their lives. Photo by Stas Kozlyuk, © Demotix 2014.

The reason that the German government, Deutsche Bank and financial interests everywhere require tranquilizers when contemplating a Greek election is the clear and present danger that democracy might prove contagious in Europe.


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