A pro-AKP columnist attempts to exploit #Ferguson and Louis Fishman (@Istanbultelaviv) corrects…

Ceren Kenar was quick to use Ferguson riots to whitewash AKP’s response to Occupy Gezi…

Gezi and Ferguson: A Reply to Ceren Kenar

Ever since Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, Turkish pro-government press has been quick to highlight injustices carried out by that city’s police department and lack of due process in the case. Sounds well intentioned, right? Unfortunately, not like much of the international press covering the events, the Turkish pro-government press, such as its state mouthpiece, Anadolu Agency, and the English daily Sabah, have seem set on one aim: to highlight injustices in the United States in order to downplay those carried out against last year’s Gezi protesters.

Her response is short:

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