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Istanbul’s Fading Metabolism

AuthorJesse Honsa

SummaryThe acute city versus obtuse urban redevelopment: Istanbul’s urban structure is being replaced by big, slow, and stupid projects.

04Fikirtepe urban redevelopment. Image: Bülent Kılıç.

Istanbul municipality prepares to evacuate city’s first squat house used as social center

The squat house in Kadıköy is also known as the ‘Don Quixote’

New season set to open at Istanbul‘s CRR concert hall

The Cemil Reşit Ray Concert Hall is set to present baroque and classical music concerts by world-famous names and one of the world’s oldest music ensembles
Istanbul‘s Koç Museum presents doll houses

The Rahmi M. Koç Museum in Istanbul has organized a special ‘Doll House’ exhibition, displaying a collection of new doll house
Midnight at the Pera Palace: the Birth of Modern Istanbul – A Book Review Essay

By Patricia H Kushlis CALAIS-ISTANBUL:  All Aboard! I have long been an Agatha Christie fan, especially of her murder mysteries set in the Middle East.  The Murder on the Orient Express, of course, is the classic

Once upon a time there were Armenians events to launch fromIstanbul’s Bilgi University

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 3, ARMENPRESS. An event dedicated to the eliminated Armenian culture will be held in Istanbul’s Bilgi University on

Pope prays in Istanbul mosque in new outreach

ISTANBUL — His head bowed and hands clasped in front of him, Pope Francis stood Saturday for two minutes of silent prayer facing east inside one …

Istanbul stands proudly unique at the intersection of East and West

Pope Francis with Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, Bartholomew 1, inIstanbul. Bartholomew has a local flock of just about 2,000.

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