11 places in İstanbul for Vegans/ Vegetarians… Istanbul news roundup…





Istanbul’s bid to become Green Capital of Europe ‘is a joke’

City is cutting down forests and bulldozing green spaces in the name of development, say activists

 Istanbul’s Kurdish Riots

And so protestors have taken to the streets in cities such as Ankara and Istanbul to show their support for both the Kurds fighting in Kobane and the .
Istanbul + Organic Farming = Love

I’m still swooning over our trip to Istanbul for the Organic World Congress hosted by the International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements.

Design biennial reigns over İstanbul in second year

İstanbulites will delight in a series of comprehensive activities on design and style as the second edition of the İstanbul Design Biennial begins on
Business is brisk at Ilya Avramoğlu’s 78-year-old shop, one of the last owned by a non-Muslim onIstanbul’s historic İstiklal avenue, but a new regulation pushing gentrification may soon force its closure

İstanbul popular with Erasmus students

Today’s Zaman

İstanbul seems to have become a trendy city for Erasmus students in particular. Walking through the city’s typical student and nightlife quarters such as

The gentrification offensive: repression and resistance inIstanbul (PHOTOS)

Your Middle East

In Istanbul, this tension is palpable. Enclosing on the streets of discontent, vast hotels and luxury apartment buildings are pushing through like weeds,

Food on foot’ in Istanbul!

Derry Journal

When you have a family, whether you are in Inishowen or Istanbul, you still have to make a dinner, find clean socks and read bedtime stories and,

Gentrification tears at Istanbul’s historically diverse fabric


ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Business is brisk at Ilya Avramoglu’s 78-year-old shop, one of the last owned by a non-Muslim on Istanbul’s historic Istiklal …

Gentrification tears at İstanbul’s historically diverse fabric – Today’s Zaman

Istanbul: send us your travel tips

The Guardian

Istanbul is a cultural powerhouse – just a walk around its streets is a trip through the ages. But with a foodie scene that’s booming, buzzing markets,

Clever feats of engineering that required precise calculations of slope and hill elevation, Istanbul’s aqueducts crisscrossed the city, bringing water to the imperial city
A roadway tunnel connecting Istanbul’s two sides will be completed by the end of 2016, earlier than was planned

Google Earth ile 10 Sene Önce ve Bugün İstanbul

Google Earth ile 10 Sene Önce ve Bugün İstanbul

İstikrar politikaları ve genişleme modelleri seçilirken gelişmekte olan ülkelerin konumlarını doğru analiz edip sektörel yatırımlarını şekillendirmesi uzun vadede en verimli tercihtir. Üretim kaynaklarının yönlendirildiği kaynaklar ekonomiyi ileri ve geri beslediği takdirde ekonomi kendi içinde üretimde devamlılık sağlayabilir. İleri ve geri beslemeler, yatırım yapılan sektörün verdiği çıktı ve ihtiyaç duyduğu hammadde ile yeni bir endüstriyel üretimi tetiklemesidir.

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