EFD Rights Watch: “reasonable doubt” reason to be briefly detained for a journalist or free hugging is sth to be fined…

 Judicial bill aims at silencing social media, daily says
Today’s Zaman
Erkan Saka, a professor of communications at Bilgi University, believes the package may well lead to the violation of democratic rights. “The package clearly favors law and order at the expense of freedoms,” he told Today’s Zaman. The draft bill, while

A journalist was detained in southern Turkey over his tweets criticizing the government, in the first police raid that a court has warranted using the controversial new “reasonable doubt” regulation, his lawyer has claimed.
A “free hugger” has been fined 91 Turkish Liras by police for “disruptive behavior” on İstiklal Avenue
The newly elected member of the HSYK, Mehmet Yılmaz, who was in the “Unity in Justice Platform” list, called me.

Turkish cleric links objections to infant rape to pre-marital sex

‘If you cannot object to pre-marital sex, your objections to babies being raped are just crocodile tears’ said the mufti of Samsun, prompting the Diyanet to launch an internal investigation
Sweden’s newly-elected Health Minister Gabriel Wikström set hearts aflutter by posting a tweet written in Turkish on Oct. 14, conveying thanks to his followers from Turkey.

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