EFD Rights Watch: FT Piece on “Media censorship in Turkey”


Media censorship in Turkey

Erdogan’s new style of control is less brutal, but much more effective, writes Jacob Weisber



The Istanbul 15th Court of Serious Crimes has lifted a warrant issued for sociologist Pınar Selek

Moment BBC crew attacked with gas

BBC – Oct 5, 11:43 AM – Media playback is unsupported on your device 5 October 2014 Last updated at 19:43 BST Turkish police have fired two tear gas canisters at a vehicle carrying a BBC reporting team as it was leaving the border area near Kobane, Syria. The second round


The Internet Service Providers Union has directly blocked access to an article by Radikal coordinator and columnist Ezgi Başaran
Citing his concern that criminal and terrorist organizations are using the Internet to recruit followers, President Erdoğan defended his government’s efforts to control online speech. A presidential advisor, on the other hand, said Erdoğan’s remarks ‘should be understood in their context’
A ‘climate of fear’ is haunting the press in Turkey, Constitutional Court head Haşim Kılıç says, enjoining the country’s journalists to resist for their rights

RIGHTS – Blocking Twitter was mistake, says Turkey’s EU minister

hurriyetdailynews.com – Turkey made a mistake in blocking access to Twitter, its EU Minister Volkar Bozkır has said. ‘I wish we had not closed Twitter. It was wrong. Everybody accessed [the site] anyway. Now we’re trying to restore a wrong perception [about Turkey],’


Turkey: Authoritarian Drift Threatens Rights

hrw.org – Sep 29 – (Istanbul) – Turkey under Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government is taking far-reaching steps to weaken the rule of law, control the media and Internet, and clamp down on critics and protestors

143 Workers Killed on the Job in September

Bianet :: English

According to Worker Health and Occupational Security Assembly, at least 143 workers died on the job in September and the death toll rose to 1,414 in the year of 2014.

Turkey’s Human Rights Rollback: Recommendations for Reform


HRW Report (Human Rights Watch) September 2014 Emma Sinclair-Webb * This 38-page report outlines the rollback of human rights and rule of law in Turkey, linked to mass anti-government protests in 2013 and corruption allegations that go to the very heart of the government of the ruling AKP. Human Rights Watch tracked the government’s response

Police Violence Resisting Journalist Faces Trial

Bianet :: English

A prosecution has been launched against journalist Rahmi Yıldırım under the charge of “resisting a public officer” when he warned a TOMA vehicle not to use disproportionate force against demonstrators.



Life expectancy in Turkey well below EU figures


Turks are expected to live around four year less on average than their European counterparts, according to life expectancy data announced on Oct. 1 by the country’s statistics body.


Police Cracks Down Karşı Online Newspaper

Bianet :: English

Karşı, an online daily newspaper, released a statement, saying that police raided their office to demand the removal of article on December 25 Second Row of Corruption Probe Operations.

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