#IGF2014 notes- Meeting with Twitter’s Colin Crowell #FHDel

Freedom House delegates from Turkey. Erkan Saka, Serdar Paktin and Aslı Tunç

I have extensively written in Turkish about the meeting we had with Twitter officials last week. (English version is coming very soon)

Today at IGF, as  Freedom House delegates we found opportunity to meet with Colin Crowell, Vice President at Twitter.

Mr. Crowell underlined the fact that Twitter is one of the most transparent internet companies. Along with Google they send court order details for withholding content and copyright issues to Chillingeffects.org. They public a transparency report in every six months and detail government requests all over the world.

I honestly agree with him. Despite concerns Twitter proves to be one of the most caring companies towards web users. I hope this will continue.

After a question, Mr. Crowell said there is definitely no intervention to hashtags or trending topics. In fact, there is one. “obscene” TTs are eliminated but otherwise no intervention.

I wanted clarification with 30% compliance with Turkish government in the latest transparency report. As I gather most of non compliance occurs when there is no court order. if there is one they have to obey but sometimes they counter-sue. Mr. Crowell says this actually costs a lot and Twitter does not profit much in Turkey as imagined.

As a side note, Twitter informs the user if there is a court order demanding user information.

As another side note, Twitter is not interested in data localization debate as they desire for a global information flow. Of course, there is much to be discussed on on this…

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