“Two Istanbul reservoirs close to drying out… Istanbul news roundup…

New pictures have shown how two of the reservoirs supplying Istanbul’s water needs have nearly dried
Residents of Istanbul’s Eyüp district are keeping guard against rising theft in their neighborhood, hoping to stop the criminals before being robbed.
The actual print was given to a man named Branden Gunn, who works in 3D printing and runs the blog Engunneer.
See and be seen in Istanbul Pique Newsmagazine My wife and I are at Suada Club on the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul, Turkey, which is quite literally bisected by the border between the two continents İstanbul’s Grand Bazaar is losing its historical texture Today’s Zaman The historic Grand Bazaar, one of İstanbul’s oldest and most appealing places of interest, has suffered damage to its walls and ceilings caused by Istanbul’s water reserve alarming: experts GlobalPost ISTANBUL, Aug. 27 (Xinhua) — Istanbul has launched a water- saving campaign as water levels of dams have hit a record low, Istanbul Water and Istanbul: Turkish citizens protest large presence of Syrian refugees Refugee Resettlement Watch ⋅ Ann Corcoran Hundreds of people have clashed with Turkish police in Istanbul during a protest against the rising number of refugees from Syria. Businesses were . Ever more foreign couples wedding inIstanbul Hurriyet Daily News Istanbul may not sound like the likeliest place a Scottish woman and an Irishman to tie the knot in. Having previously lived in Turkey’s capital Ankara 80 art galleries from 24 countries meet in Istanbul From Banksy to Andy Warhol, from Finland to Saudi Arabia
Pando Kaymak, the iconic breakfast shop in Beşiktaş, with the fame of its buttery clotted cream and honey transmitted generation to generation, is closing its doors after 119 years of activity
Hundreds of Istanbul residents angered by the presence of Syrian refugees clashed with police early Aug. 25 in a violent protest in a suburb of Turkey’s biggest city

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