Eurosphere agenda: “Sarkozy in custody…


France’s former president Nicolas Sarkozy was taken into custody and interrogated on Tuesday on suspicion of corruption and influencing judicial proceedings. This is the end of his political career, some commentators write. Others believe the French will forgive their former head of state’s misconduct.


The Scottish Independence Referendum

800px-Lothian_Buses_833_G833GSXThe independence referendum for Scotland has been given the date of September 18, 2014. Anyone over the age of 16, who resides in Scotland are eligible to vote, which includes members of the armed services serving overseas registered to vote in Scotland and any British living in the country, but excludes all Scots living in other parts of the United Kingdom.

Cameron’s Juncker blunder

Cameron’s mess in Europe is the latest in a string of blunders from a failed Prime Minister.

Risk in the British economy

Logo-There is an alternativeAssess the assets and liabilities in Britain’s economy, and you find a country deeply exposed to systemic risk.

The new European Parliament was in session for the first time on Tuesday, 1 July. There was a record number of Eurosceptic MEPs, making a controversial return after their victory in May’s EU elections. EurActiv France reports from Strasbourg.

Far-right gains alarm French left

Eurosceptic numbers swell in European Parliament


Gavin Hewitt on the new European Parliament power struggles

British Prime Minister David Cameron approached Jean-Claude Juncker to discuss future cooperation on Sunday. Prior to that Juncker had been nominated as European Commission President at the EU summit. By opposing Juncker’s nomination for weeks on end Cameron has manoeuvred the UK on to the sidelines, some commentators believe. For others, Britain has strengthened its negotiating position on EU reforms.

The European Conservatives and the ‘main parties’

Ideas on Europe by Anthony Salamone

The discourse of European Union politics frequency takes the EU main parties as those which support progressively greater European integration. However, the multitude of views on the course of the EU and the success of a centre-right European group critical of integration challenge this definition for being too narrow. How we define European ‘main parties’ must reflect the reality of the European mainstream and, in light of current politics, it should include a greater diversity of perspectives on the EU’s future.

Juncker: The veteran EU insider loathed by Britain

Jean-Claude Juncker, named on Friday as the next head of the European Commission, is a veteran EU insider and arch-pragmatist with a love of a drink and a dry sense of humour.

EU leaders give thumbs up to Juncker, Britain isolated

After weeks of discussion and a bruising confrontation with Britain, EU leaders finally gave the thumbs up to Jean-Claude Juncker to lead the European Commission for the next five years.


Energy Supply in the EU28 (Infographic)


Source: European Parliamentary Research Service The EU is highly dependent on energy imports, as less than half of its energy consumption is covered by domestic production. The remainder – some 53% – needs to be imported from abroad, with Russia topping the ranks as supplier of gas, oil and coal.This infographic looks

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