Swoboda says Turkey further from EU accession than in 2007 as “Erdoğan vows ?to sterilize? Gülen movement ?by boiling or molecularizing?

Turkey is further away from European Union membership today than it was seven years ago, Hannes Swoboda has said

Turkey?s invisible refugees
Gulf News (UAE) May 11, 2014, p. B1 Ali Topuz The number of Syrian refugees has topped 900,000 but their hosts seem indifferent to their plight. That needs to change. The woman looks all shrivelled in her burqa. Her face almost touches the sidewalk. Her hands are shaking. ?I am hungry. My children are hungry.?

Turkish PM Erdoğan vows ?to sterilize? Gülen movement ?by boiling or molecularizing?


PM Erdoğan has pledged to find the members of the Islamic scholar Gülen movement in the judiciary and police


Turkey’s ruling AKP to convene key meet for presidency

Hurriyet Daily News

Turkey?s ruling AKP prepares for a final pit stop in the course of determining its candidate for president in elections scheduled for August


Many of Turkey?s 3,249 missing children are now in the Far East, trapped as sex workers, Yahya Durmaz told daily Hürriyet.


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