in Berlin for the jury work for Deutsche Welle?s the BOBs (@dw_thebobs) awards,,17398334_303,00.jpg?w=640

I will be until Wednesday night. The voting continues until May 7. Give it a shot if you haven’t do so until now. I believe there are a few good sites from Turkey that have chance to win the awards in specified categories. I am honored to be part of this jury work…

The Bobs awards honor websites and projects  in 14 languages that champion the open exchange of ideas and freedom of expression. When the annual awards launched in 2004, blogs were just beginning to establish themselves as a new type of media and The Bobs aimed to show that this new form of communication was worthy of being taken seriously and to point to the excellent example of work being done online to foster dialogue across language barriers.

The Bobs represent one of Deutsche Welle?s ongoing efforts to contribute to promoting freedom of expression and the upholding of human rights on the Internet and around the world.



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