EFD Rights Watch: “YouTube to remain blocked in Turkey despite court order…

BTK Insists on YouTube Ban

Bianet :: English

Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK) stated that YouTube ban must continue.Telecommunication lawyer Gökhan Ahi said that BTK insisted on YouTube ban arbitrarily despite the court verdict.

Turkey internet ban protest 2011
Turkey internet ban protest 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

AKP deputy applies to Constitutional Court for blocking Twitter

Hurriyet Daily News

Turkish Parliament Constitution Commission?s head Burhan Kuzu applied to the Constitutional Court April 10 to block access to Twitter

YouTube to remain blocked in Turkey despite court order: BTK


The Communication Technologies Institution said it will not unblock YouTube

Police raid workers? strike at burlap bag factory in Istanbul, detain 91

Hurriyet Daily News

Police raided the Greif burlap bag factory where a work stoppage action was ongoing for two months

Police Intervenes Greif Worker Resistance

Bianet :: English

Early this morning, police intervened the 60-day long worker resistance at Greif Company in Istanbul?s Hadımköy district. While police detained several people including two journalists, workers are struggling to have a collective labor agreement

Interior Ministry report on Gezi protests clears police and governor

The report said it was the protesters who were not interested in reaching a deal

Protester who lost sight due to tear gas canister visits Gezi Park after release from house arrest

Hurriyet Daily News

Çağdaş Küçükbattal was put in house arrest after being injured at the Gezi protests


Turkey?s Council of State grants stay of execution on unlimited sharing fixed-line recordings with TİB

Hurriyet Daily News

Council of State has issued a stay of execution for a decision which orders companies to share fixed-line telephone recordings with TİB


CPJ calls on Erdoğan to stop restricting free media in Turkey

The NGO has also urged the Turkish PM to remove bans on social media

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