Check out AKP’s mayor in Bingöl. He refuses to let women hold positions at municipal council….

AKP mayor in Bingöl refuses to let women hold positions at municipal council

Hurriyet Daily News

The new AKP mayor in the eastern town has refused to let women elected to the local municipal council hold positions of responsibility on religious grounds


Graft suspect Halkbank ex-manager appointed as new board member of state-run Ziraat Bank

Hurriyet Daily News

Süleyman Aslan became a notorious figure after $4.5 million were found in shoeboxes at his home during the graft raids



Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan?s apparent landslide victory in Turkey?s recent local elections is giving him a boost as he seeks his ultimate political goal ? the establishment of a strong presidential system of government, analysts say. But amid allegations of government corruption, abuse of power and election fraud, will social unity be left curbside in the process?

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