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EFF Statement on Mozilla and the Importance of the Open Internet Updates by Peter Eckersley and Peter Eckersley

We support the Mozilla community and the vital work they’ve done?and must keep doing?for the open Internet. EFF has been following the discussions around the choice of Brendan Eich as Mozilla?s CEO, including the announcement that he is stepping down.

A Short Guide to the Internet?s Biggest Enemies Updates by Jillian C. York

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) released its annual ?Enemies of the Internet? index this week?a ranking first launched in 2006 intended to track countries that repress online speech, intimidate and arrest bloggers, and conduct surveillance of their citizens. Some countries have been mainstays on the annual index, while others have been able to work their way off the list.  Two countries particularly deserving of praise in this area are Tunisia and Myanmar (Burma), both of which have stopped censoring the Internet in recent years and are headed in the right direction toward Internet freedom.

EZTV Fights Piracy By Going Much Further Than Google

EZTV is undoubtedly the most popular TV-focused torrent site on the Internet today. Founded way back in 2005, it is also one of the oldest with nine full years under its belt.

Through its indexing of all popular TV shows, EZTV has become the go-to venue for torrent downloaders but behind the scenes the site has been wrestling with a copyright predicament. Instead of sending in takedown notices via email, in recent months several studios switched to sending theirs in via regular mail, overloading the site?s staff in the process.

The Future of Email: The Internet’s Least Exciting Application


Email is not sexy. That is to say, the design and functionality of electronic mail, since its inception, have remained fundamentally consistent and relatively unexciting? we type out messages, send them to our contacts and wait for a reply.

Happy 10th birthday, Gmail. You?ve made email more bearable, but it still needs destroying

The Next Web by Martin Bryant


A decade ago today, Google announced Gmail. What at first seemed like it might be an April Fools? joke turned out to be one of the best products the company has ever released. Sadly

How to Scrape Google with Google Sheets

Digital Inspiration Technology Blog by Amit Agarwal

John Q. Public owns a website and would like to get a list of all pages on his site that are indexed in Google search. He would also like to monitor his web page rankings in Google for particular search keywords vis-a-vis other rival websites.

Forget the Quantified Self. We Need to Build the Quantified Us

Wired Top Stories

The ‘Quantified Self’ is a thrilling prospect for some: Massive datasets about oneself can be a new route to self-discovery. But for most of us, the idea of continuous self-tracking is a novelty that results in shallow insights.


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