Index Freedom of Expression Awards 2014 – winners announced

Index Freedom of Expression Awards 2014 – winners announced
 Index held its fourteenth Freedom of Expression Awards at The Barbican Centre, London. The Freedom of Expression Awards recognizes some of the world?s most influential voices and remarkable fighters of free expression. The evening event was hosted by The Times columnist and broadcaster, David Aaronovitch, and co-sponsored by SAGE.The Freedom of Expression Awards celebrates extraordinary people and organizations who are champions to free expression, and who have made the greatest contributions to the fight against censorship. The nominations are split into four categories – Journalism, Digital Freedom, Advocacy, and the Arts.
2014 Winners

SAGE offers our congratulations to the 2014 winners. To celebrate their success, we have made a selection of related articles freely available from previous issues of Index on Censorship magazine.In each category, the content has been selected in reflection of the winner and their work.
Mayam Mahmoud, Egyptian Hip-hop Artist, winner of the Arts Award

Mayam Mahmoud ?Catastrophe: For Václav Havel? by Samuel Beckett (1984)?I write with blind eyes and forty fingers?  by Samar Yazbek (2013) ?Can music kill?? by Louise Gray (2010) .
Shahzad Ahmad, Pakistani Campaigner, winner of the Advocacy Award

Shahzad Ahmad ?In the Balance? by Geoffrey Robertson (2009)?Babel: First witnesses? by Jo Glanville (1998) ?Much Ado? by Vaclav Havel (1976)
Azadliq, Azerbaijani independent Newspaper, winner of the Journalism Award

Azadliq, Azerbaijani independent Newspaper ?Gambia gagged?? by Buya Jammeh (2013)?Reign of terror? by Dina Meza (2013) ?Battle chief moves on? by Nic Dawes (2013)
Shubhranshu Choudhary, Indian Journalist, winner of the Digital Freedom Award

Shubhranshu Choudhary ?Formatting freedom in the computer age? by Harry Hammitt (2013)?Fast Forward? by Brian Pellot (2013) ?India Calling? by Rachael Jolley (2013)
The Shortlist

This year?s strong shortlists feature 17 remarkable nominees, selected from over 400 public nominations:
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