Thank you @GettyImages “Getty Images Makes 35 Million Photos Free to Use Online

Getty Images Makes 35 Million Photos Free to Use Online

Founded in 1997, Getty Images has made a business out of licensing stock photography to web sites. But, in recent years, the company has struggled, facing stiffer competition from other companies ?. and from online piracy. Quoted in the British Journal of Photography, Craig Peters, a Senior VP at Getty Images, observes that Getty is ?really starting to see the extent of online infringement. In essence, everybody today is a publisher thanks to social media and self-publishing platforms. And it?s incredibly easy to find content online and simply right-click to utilise it.? All of this becomes a problem, for Getty, when cash-strapped ?self publishers, who typically don?t know anything about copyright and licensing,? start right clicking and using the company?s images without attribution or payment.


Any blog too tiny for a photo budget no longer need fret. Getty Images, the world’s largest photo provider, is letting people embed its stock images for free.

shutterstock 93492478 2 520x245 Getty makes photo collection available to bloggers free of charge
Getty Images has announced that a new embedding feature launched on its website today will make some 35 million images available for non-commercial use to anyone who wants them. That means bloggers?even ones that get revenue from Google ads?can use Getty?s trove of stock images free of charge.
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