As new tapes appear, Erdoğan steps us his attack on the Gülen movement…

Turkish PM calls for boycott of Gülen movement?s schools


Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has geared up his rhetoric against the movement of U.S. based Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen, calling for a boycott of the movement?s schools

Turkish PM faces deepening corruption scandal as second tape emerges


Audio posted to YouTube allegedly records Recep Tayyip Erdogan telling son to hold out for more money in business deal

A second audio recording purported to implicate Turkey’s prime minister in corruption has been published on YouTube by an anonymous poster

Tayyip’s Praetorian Guard or the new Turkish surveillance state


Statements like this have led the recently-appointed European Union Minister and chief negotiator Mevlut Cavusoglu to retort that the “US is well-known for its Internet restrictions, especially regarding Wikileaks,” appearing on the Turkish news


Gül said he warned the justice minister about 15 ‘unconstitutional’ provisions

Erdoğan gets ready for anti-Gülen campaign


In its bimonthly meeting on Feb. 26, the National Security Board (MGK) decided to focus on the activities of Gülenists as a threat to Turkey?s security

Turkey’s Erdogan dares rival to return home


PM claims Fethullah Gulen is sowing dissent, after second audio leak deepens allegations of government corruption

Turkey: Government Now Claims Trials That Helped it Consolidate Power Were …


The massive Ergenekon and Balyoz trials, which helped send a large number of high-profile Turks (numerous generals among them) to jail on charges of planning a coup, were hailed by many as an important step in finally confronting the troubling history


Erdogan is source of Turkey?s problems


If the prime minister continues to lash out at disembodied conspiracies confidence in the country could collapse

Eavesdropping scandal increases pressure on Turkey?s Erdoğan

A second audio recording, presented as the voice of Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan asking his son not to accept an amount of money on offer in a business deal but to hold out for more, was published on YouTube by an anonymous poster using a pseudonym on Wednesday (26 February).

Erdoğan said a similar post on the video-sharing site on Monday, allegedly of him telling his son Bilal to dispose of large sums of cash as a graft investigation erupted, was faked by his political enemies.


Q&A: Erdogan and the illicit recordings


The scandal of illicit recordings said to be of PM Erdogan

Turkey tightens control of judiciary


The Turkish president signs a law giving the government more control over the country’s judiciary weeks after a bribery inquiry rocked the government.


Can Turkey handle free and fair elections?


The AKP government has been fervently pushing through legislation ahead of crucial local elections in March 2014 with the air of a heavily wounded giant whose actions are not the result of intelligent calculation or rationality so much as an instinct for survival.

Parallel state? discussed at top security meeting


Turkey?s top security board met to discuss the alleged ‘parallel organization’ within the state and its activities

Turkish gov?t, opposition clash over accuracy of tapes


Gov’t officials say a phone call recording allegedly taking place between the PM and his son about how to is ‘montaged,’ while the opposition party defends the opposite view


Turkish PM fury at ‘fabricated call’

Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan condemns as fabricated an audio recording that appears to show him discussing how to hide large sums of money.


Turks Are Glued to a Sensational Drama, This One Political

Although the Turkish period drama ?The Magnificent Century? has become an obsession in the country, the show gripping many Turks is their nation?s own political crisis.

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