Gülen sues Erdoğan for libel… A politics roundup…

Islamic scholar Gülen sues Turkish PM for libel


Lawyers representing Gülen filed a complaint for allegedly ‘denigrating and insulting’ remarks

Local elections will be test for AKP: Turkish PM Erdoğan

PM Erdoğan echoes his comments that the ballot box is everything during a press conference with German Chancellor Merkel, saying March local polls will be the ultimate test for the AKP

‘I have a rich library, but I have never seen such corruption in the world,’ CHP head Kılıçdaroğlu told his party’s lawmakers
BDP co-leader Demirtaş warned the government should file legal complaints about these people involved in the so-called ‘parallel state’

Securitizing the Hizmet/Gulen movement


Turkey?s most influential and widely respected civil society organisation, the Hizmet movement, is under continual attack by PM Erdoğan who accuses it of seeking to establish a ?parallel state?. Such rhetoric and ‘securitization’ may destroy the democratic fabric of Turkish society.

Gülen-linked journalist association urges President Gül to take action over interventions on graft probe


Journalists and Writers Foundation calls on President Abdullah Gül to take action over interventions on graft probe

Turkish markets mixed as US growth worries weighs on emerging markets


Turkish markets were mixed today with shares dipping following heavy losses in global markets


US supports Gülen to get rid of PM Erdoğan, senior PKK member claims


The US is behind a plot against the ruling AKP and supports the Fethullah Gülen Movement to remove PM Erdoğan from office, according to a senior member of the PKK


Corruption key theme in AKP?s poll statement


The ruling AKP highlights ?anti-corruption struggle? in a declaration it drafted for next month?s local elections. The document will be made public by PM Erdoğan

Turkey is not in crisis but there is serious mistrust, says economist Kemal Derviş


Turkey is not in crisis but the latest graft allegations have created an environment of mistrust, according to Kemal Derviş


La confrérie qui menace Erdogan


Libération (France) samedi, 1 février 2014, p. 12-15 Marc Semo Accusé de corruption, le Premier ministre turc contre-attaque. A l?origine du scandale, l?organisation religieuse de Fettulah Gülen qui a infiltré l?école, les médias et l?Etat. Entre les deux alliés de la première heure, la guerre est déclarée. Voyage dans la nébuleuse güleniste. Le petit immeuble


Kurdish and German angles of Erdoğan-Gülen rift


Yes, there is a Kurdish angle in the rift between Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan and Fethullah Gülen, his once-ally moderate Islamist scholar and there is even a Germany dimension.


Fresh resignation in Turkey?s ruling AKP over graft scandal


Istanbul MP Muhammed Çetin claimed that more resignations would follow

All eavesdropped on, even Gül, me, my kids: Turkish PM Erdoğan


The government will restrict eavesdropping amid illegal recordings, says PM Erdığan, also giving details on the upcoming changes in the judiciary


Wiretapping of PM to be counted as espionage crime

The investigation has been transferred to a prosecutor?s office dealing with anti-terror cases


Scuffles erupt in Diyarbakır’s Lice district between Islamists and BDP


Sixteen people were injured during clashes onbetween supporters of HÜDAPAR and BDP in the southeastern province of Diyarbakır?s Lice distric


Jeu dangereux à Lice ? Diyarbakir : parti de Dieu (Hüda-par) versus nationalistes Kurdes.

Les périodes de campagne électorale sont rarement exemptes de violences dans la région kurde. Dans la province de Hakkari notamment, les permanences de L’AKP sont régulièrement dynamitées (heureusement de nuit, quand les bâtiments sont vides). Il est probable qu’en cette période de cessez le feu sous fond de processus de paix elles soient davantage épargnées. Le parti gouvernemental devrait de son côté soigneusement éviter de contrarier l’électorat apocu.

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