Idolizing Erdoğan, Hologram style… A politics roundup…

PM Erdoğan uses hologram to address İzmir party members for first time in Turkey


3D holographic beams reflected Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan?s image as he addressed a party meeting in İzmir

Ankara Mayor Gökçek highlights possibility of political killings ahead of local polls


Melih Gökçek has alleged that current political tensions could act as a catalyst murders targeting people from and outside the AKP, including himself


VIDEO: Fethullah Gulen: Full BBC interview

A reclusive Islamic cleric who has been linked to a power struggle that is currently shaking the Turkish establishment has denied using his influence to start investigations into alleged high-level government corruption

Turkey’s struggle: Erdogan vs Gulen


A series of escalating crises in Turkey is reshaping political alliance and enmities. It also casts a shadow over the country’s democratic future, says Bill Park.

A new phase in Turkey’s political crisis erupted on 17 December 2013 when Turkish police arrested fifty-two suspects on various corruption charges. The detainees included the sons of three government ministers and the general manager of the state-owned Halkbank. Theoperation followed three separate and secret investigations that had lasted for more than a year.


Turkey ramps up lira defence with central bank crisis meeting


Turkey ramped up its defence of the lira on Monday when the central bank announced a crisis meeting after currency intervention failed to support the currency. For months the central bank has been under strong pressure from the government, itself caught in a swirl of internal pressures, not to raise interest rates to bolster the lira. And government officials describe the latest pressure pushing


European shares drop after fears of crisis in emerging markets

FTSE tumbles 1.8% while EU indices fluctuate due to concerns of China’s economy and US Federal Reserve bond plans

European stock markets posted fresh losses on Monday, with London leading the way, as fears of an emerging markets crisis continued to alarm investors and sent shares sliding in Asia overnight.


Emerging threat: Turkey & Argentina in trouble


Turkey and Argentina are dealing with high interest rates and plummeting currencies. CNBC‘s Michelle Caruso-Cabrera discusses how their governments are dealing with currency problems


Turkey ramps up lira defence


Turkey has ramped up its defence of the lira, after currency intervention failed to support the currency


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