Cyberculture agenda: “Game culture vs. women… “. top crowdfunding campaigns of 2013…

Game culture vs. women


Game developer Brianna Wu explains that women haven’t yet made headway in the critical landscape of game culture, a fact exposed by 2013’s Game of the Year lists.

The Most Pirated Movies of 2013 ? And Why Piracy Isn’t Hurting Profits


Despite the high number of pirated films, Hollywood isn’t hurting. The latest numbers show that 2013?s box office is poised to be the best yet with $10.9 billion domestically, slightly edging out 2012?s $10.8 billion.

Snowden: The Year?s Most Influential Tech Figure

Snowden: The Year?s Most Influential Tech Figure(via slashdot)

Lots of CEOs, entrepreneurs, and developers made headlines in 2013?but in hindsight, Edward Snowden will likely stand as this year?s most influential figure in technology. In June, Snowden began feeding top-secret documents detailing the National


These are the top crowdfunding campaigns of 2013

Crowdfunding is helping many startups? dreams come true. 2013 saw a slew of extremely popular crowdfunding projects smash through goals and world records.


Assange Calls on Hightech Workers and Computer Hackers to GNUnite Against NSA Surveillance!

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange addressed a major gathering of computer experts Monday at the Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg, Germany, calling on them to join forces in resisting government intrusions on Internet freedom and privacy. We play highlights from Assange?s speech, as well as the one given by Sarah Harrison, the WikiLeaks member who accompanied Edward Snowden to Russia.

The NSA is reportedly working to develop a computer that can crack most types of encryption

Google?s executive chairman Eric Schmidt said last year that ?the solution to government surveillance is to encrypt everything? ? and boldly predicted that government censorship can be ended within a decade.


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