Such confusion. 3 different amounts about the cost of graft probe…

Hepsi de farklı rakam açıkladı

While continuing denial in graft probe, three members of the Turkish cabinet stated 3 different amounts [in Turkish] Turkey supposedly lost during the current crisis. Ali Babacan (L), Minister of Economy, 49 billion dollars , PM Erdoğan: 120 billion dollars, Efkan Ala, new Minister of Interior Affairs, 104 billion dollars. And none of them may actually be true…

2013 was not a very good year for Erdoğan


Perhaps the peak of Turkish PM Erdoğan?s power since his AK Parti took the government in 2002 was his meeting with US President Obama in the White House

Turkish interior minister to hold key role in Kurdish peace process


Two deputies, who met with Öcalan and KCK leaders successively, set to meet with justice minister and Interior Minister Efkan Ala, who is expected to hold a key role in the peace process on Kurdish issue

Turkey finishes 2013 with corruption row


Turkey closes out the year embroiled in a tit-for-tat battle between the judiciary and the executive centered on the ongoing corruption scandal

Fenerbahçe turns league game into anti-gov?t rally

Fenerbahçe fans chanted slogans against the Turkish prime minister and commemorated a killed protester in turning their last Spor Toto Super League game of the year into an anti-government rally on Dec. 29.

One more deputy from Turkey?s ruling AKP announces resignation

The Justice and Development Party?s Burdur Deputy Hasan Hami Yıldırım announced his resignation today

A basket stuffed with rotten apples


The corruption affair is still shaking Turkey. It?s a week ago now that the sons of three Ministers and some businessmen, among whom the filthy rich real estate magnate Ali Agaoglu, were taken into custody, suspected of corruption. That was followed by a wave of policemen getting fired: the government sees the affair as a


Turkish gov?t vows to take action against judges and prosecutors? board

The ongoing fight between the AKP and Gülen Movement is entering a new phase as the gov’t said it was working on a legal plan against wrongdoers in the judiciary

Turkey Needs Erdogan?s ?Master Period? to End

The hope that Turkey might provide a model for modernizing Muslim countries — combining Islam, democracy and market economics — is being tested. A bitter quarrel between Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his former allies continues to escalate. Financial markets are running scared, punishing the country?s stocks and currency. The fight doesn?t just threaten Erdogan?s government; it also

Rattrapé par les affaires, Erdogan dénonce une conspiration contre la Turquie

Le Figaro (France) no. 21586, lundi 30 décembre 2013, p. 5 Nare Hakikat, Istanbul Les scandales de corruption qui ont provoqué en fin de semaine des manifestations à Istanbul contre le premier ministre turc pourraient peser sur les prochaines échéances électorales. Vendredi, les spectateurs des chaînes télévisées turques, qui transmettent en direct tous les discours

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