One-man rule in Turkey… 10 TV channels broadcasting the PM’s talk at the moment…

erdoğan 10 tv channels

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A politics roundup:


Islamic scholar Gülen ?speechless? on gov?t action plan against his movement

Gülen said he would have given ‘the benefit of the doubt’ without the plan to scrap the dershanes


Turkish government in bid for wider public support for prep school plan


The government has been lobbying hard to receive wide public support on the issue of private prep schools


CHP leader calls on PM Erdoğan for explanation on action plan against Gülen movement

The National Security Council (MGK) decision released by daily Taraf this week shows how the AKP ‘keeps a foot in both camps,’ Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu said


Gov?t struggling against ?those who promote their own interests,? PM Erdoğan says

‘It is you, the people, and not power groups inside or outside [Turkey], other countries or circles, who will determine the direction of this country,’ Erdoğan said

Dissenting deputy sent to disciplinary board resigns from ruling AKP


Bal was sent last week to the AKP?s Joint Disciplinary Board with the request of definite expulsion from both the party after he expressed views contrary to those of PMErdoğan on the test prep schools row

AKP and Gülen movement should stop their race to dominate Turkish society: BDP co-chair

Selahattin Demirtaş described the latest row as a ‘fight for power’


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