It seems that newly founded “cyber police” unit aims to justify its existence by claiming to arrest RedHack?s leader…

Man arrested on suspicion of being hacker group RedHack?s leader

Prosecutors accuse the man identified as Taylan K. of being Redhack?s leader nicknamed ‘Manyak,’ a claim that both the suspect?s lawyer and the hacker group deny

Alleged member of RedHack ‘Taylan’ sent to prison, RedHack denies affiliation, vows to take revenge

HackRead ? 11/30/13 ? Posted date: November 30, 2013 In: Cyber Crime News Taylan Kulaçoğlu who was taken in custody earlier for allegedly being member of online hacktivist group RedHack has been sent to prison for further processing after his second?


Taylan Kulaçoğlu Sent to Prison

Accused of being a RedHack member, Taylan Kulaçoğlu has been sent to Metris Prison to spend the night for further processing after his second detention this afternoon.

How did Cyber Police Find ?Manyak??

?One user from France with alias Manyak informed through MIRC that he lost his grandfather and he was facing problems with his military service. We found 600 people according to these criteria. The most geek one turned out to be Taylan Kulaçoğlu, so we detained him,? Turkey?s cyber police said.


Statue commemorating Gezi victim Ali İsmail Korkmaz unveiled in Eskişehir

The event was also attended by the 19-year-old protester?s mother, Emel Korkmaz, who, in tears, filled the palms – designed as a birdbath – with water

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